About Us


Simple….Skincare should be just that….Simple, Fun, and CLEAN.

Founded in 2018, BeautyHappinessHealing LLC is your plant-based solution for skin that lacks moisture and prone to acne, with natural and organic ingredients that help to clarify the skin.

BeautyHappinessHealing LLC started in the kitchen of our Owner and Founder, Courtney Pack. After realizing that a handful of store-bought moisturizers included toxic ingredients, (which led to experiencing a major hives outbreak), Courtney sought out different natural remedies to heal and improve her own skin.
In the beginning, Courtney’s inspiration came from studying the lack of self-care habits from her mother. From that point, she wanted to create a platform where women can have access to all things “self-care”.
Let’s go deeper into what “self-care” means to us.
  • No toxins

  • No bullshit

  • No hidden ingredients

  • More beneficial essential oils

  • More ways to increase self-care awareness outside of skincare

BeautyHappinessHealing LLC's mission is to break the barriers that interfere with healing, self care, taking time for self, and being present. Our skincare is not only vegan and cruelty-free with locally sourced ingredients, but it is an experience from beginning to end. We also believe in connecting with sustainable businesses to build relationships and continue to tell stories through our creativity and passion. These are the things that we love and strive for.